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Do you love movies? So do I! 

I love all types of movies from sci-fi to Rom-Com’s. I love crawling up in the sofa and letting a whole new world unfold before my eyes. To be able to follow along on journeys like the one Bilbo Baggins undertook or being able to watch heroes battle villains under the command of Captain America. Or watch Jack and Rose try to survive one of the biggest maritime disasters of all time.

The magic of cinema has been around for quite some time now but the format has changed a little.

Instead of having to stand in line to buy expensive tickets and candy. Or having to miss a good chunk of the movie just because you have to use the bathroom. You now have the opportunity to be the cinematographer yourself. In charge of the movie showing. You are the manager of sorts, deciding which movies will air this week and which movies will run on certain hours.

You get to decide what kinds of snacks there are and what kinds of drinks. From Home!


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Cinema at home

You just found a way to build a cinema in your living room. Flixplayer is the free toolbar that you install to get access to 1000’s of FREE movies of all kinds. Every category imaginable is in here either you like Rambo or Bridget Jones ( I like them both). The movies are streamed to Chromecast which enables you to watch them on your Smart TV or on any other screen for that matter.




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